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Thursday, 15 Nov 2018

About D-Vision

D-Vision is a technology-breakthrough provider of vision science solutions for civil and defense applications. D-Vision software-based technology is capable of transforming any 2D video footage into a photo-realistic, accurate 3D model.

Transform 2D into 3D

Convert any 2D video footage into a photo-realistic, true to reality, accurate 3D model. Using a series of complex algorithms, D-Vision is capable of reconstructing the depth information lost during the filming process.

RT Camera Position Tracking

D-Vision technology extracts the camera movement from its video footage, creating a video based tracking device. This low cost technology enables data acquisition that can be used for navigation without relying on external references.

Computer Science Solutions

Rapid growth in the use of aerial motion imagery for military, environmental, police, and relief operations has led to the urgent need for new ways to exploit the collected imagery. Today, in most instances, aerial ...

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