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Monday, 22 Oct 2018





CEO – Shmuel Banitt

Shmuel Banitt is the founder and chief executive of D-Vision, the breakthrough computerized vision software developer. Banitt is responsible for the overall direction, execution and delivery of the company vision and products, as well as leading all investor relations duties.

The vision was inspired by the fact that the platform and quality with which visual content is delivered has a major influence on a spectator; and on people in general. The 2D nature of films and TV creates a "glass ceiling" in the ability to live up to the promise and potential that visual display has in modern life.

Banitt founded D-Vision and, in January 2007, officially launched the company in order to address the needs for such a generic solution that serves various domains of the Defense and Civil engineering markets and provides tailor made applications of the solution.

Before founding D-Vision, Banitt established in 1997 and was the CEO for 13 years of Tidex Systems Ltd, a computerized vision company that developed the mathematical solution and put the technology in place to produce and display 3D filmed material for both offline and real-time films.

Before founding Tidex Systems, Banitt was COO of Elscint, a leading provider of CAT scanners, and was responsible for an annual turnover of $160M and management of 450 engineers. Under his management the cycle to produce a CAT scanner went down from 27 weeks to 6 weeks only; and the method to actually do the scanning changed fundamentally.

Banitt left Elscint for the purpose of creating films; not necessarily for commercial gains. During the years of 1987 – 1995 he wrote; directed and produced some 4 films; feature and documentaries for TV. It was in these years that he realized how much a 3D technology to help produce 3D mass products is missing; and he decided to devote his efforts to solve that matter.

Along with a rich professional career, Banitt holds long military track record, starting from a decorated officer in a Special Forces Unit in the Israeli Defense Forces and completing his reserve service in a rank of Lt. Colonel.

Mr. Banitt holds M.Sc in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from Weizmann Institute.



Advisory Board – Zvi Stauber

Dr. Zvi Stauber has had a distinguished and varied career in both public and military service.

His public career most recently included serving as the Head of the Institute for National Security Studies at the Tel Aviv University, Israel (formerly the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies). Before that, Stauber served as the Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. This appointment was preceded by service as a strategic and political adviser to the former Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. Ehud Barak. Prior to this position, he served as the vice president of the Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel.

His military career included serving as the IDF deputy-attaché in the United States. However, most of his military service was in the Intelligence Corps and his last senior posting was as the Head of Strategic Planning. He mustered out as a Brigadier-General. He also took part in peace negotiations with the Palestinians, Jordanians and Syrians.  

Dr. Stauber has a PhD. in International Affairs.