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Monday, 22 Oct 2018

Electric Wires Alerting


Electric Wires Anti-Strike Aircraft Safety Aid

Aerial vehicles such as UAVs, helicopters and light aircrafts fly in the proximity of electric wires, elevated cables, pylons and masts. Identifying these objects in time to prevent a collision is of great need, since a collision with such obstacles is a statistical certainty, while the outcome of such an accident is extremely expensive and fatal in most cases. D-Vision technology allows identifying these obstacles and notifying the pilot about the threat. The system consists of a single digital camera mounted on the aircraft body connected to a standard computer and the D-Vision solution for image processing. The camera is pointed towards the aircraft flying direction and will scan the space for potential obstacles. When the system detects such an obstacle, it provides a warning notification. The detection can be limited to a desired range to prevent interference with distinct unthreatening obstacles. Obstacle identification can be done with a night vision camera as well, allowing for night flights.
  • Anti collision system
  • Object recognition & detection system
  • Real time notifications