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Monday, 22 Oct 2018

3D Modeling


Create a 3D model of any object using only a standard video camera. Models created with D-Vision technology are extremely precise, and can be exported into an existing 3D environment, along with their original realistic textures. In addition, the objects keep their original locations in relation to other objects in the video, enabling the user to model and export entire environments. By orienting the video in accordance with world coordinates, users can also connect several video sources together, or simply plug the video model into an existing 3D world.

The video footage used by the technology can originate from virtually any source (from home video to high-definition cameras), and acquired in almost any method (hand held, moving vehicle, airborne, etc.), making it usable for a wide variety of applications. Furthermore, the resulting 3D objects can be exported into any standard 3D format, such as CAD and VRML, allowing them to be easily integrated with today’s CGI methods.

Key Method Advantages

Simple – the modeling is done with a standard video camera. It can be installed on a ground or aerial moving vehicle or carried by hand.

Robust – no major filming constrains and no sensitivity to natural vibrations